“Tntesaget” Sport-Health Resort Summed up the Vocation Period

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ASUE “Tntesaget” sport-health resort, situated in the picturesque nature  of Dilijan, met the vacationers from July 5 to August 25, with four relays and gave hundreds of vacationers a breathtaking and memorable vacation.

“This year, more  than 500 people – ASUE employees and their  family members, students (including 20 students  from Artsakh State University), have been resting for 3-13 days. Campaigns, excursions to Matosavank, Jukhtak Monastery, Haghartsin and Goshavank were organized. The  weekends  were full of sport  games, cultural, campfire events. Everything has been done for the best rest of the vacationers”;  summing up a two-month-activity, stated Hakob Kyokchyan,  Head of the resort, Associate Professor of the  Chair  of Physical Training, Emergency Situations and Civil Defense.

The  rest  for  the  students (last  relay) was marked  by “Student Summer” sport-cultural festival initiated by Student Council. Vache Gabrielyan, the RA Vice Prime  Minister, Minister  of Ministry of International Economic Integration and Reforms, ASUE Board Chairman, Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Professor, Karen Avagyan, Vice President of the RA NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Coordinator of Board of Trustees Youth Foundation of Armenia,  ASUE Vice Rectors Paruir Kalantaryan  and Sevak Khachatryan, Sergey Kharatyan, Director of ASUE Financial and Economic College, also  visited the festival attendees.

So, “Tntesaget” has summed up another summer and we  are  sure that our vacationers  are  ready to welcome new academic year with new enthusiasm.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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