“Student Summer -2017” United Camp Students

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ASUE Student Council has formed a beautiful tradition: every year ASUE  students having rest in “Tntesaget” sport-health resort  are joined under “Student Summer” sport-cultural festival, making their  rest active and memorable. The festival is being implemented with the support of Youth Foundation of Armenia and is aimed at raising the student’s military-patriotic consciousness, physical readiness, love and interest in culture, talent and knowledge to encourage, teamwork and healthy competition. The  festival is  being held on August 13-19.

Note, that today is the third  day of the festival  and a number of competition  have  been already  held. The SC members  inform  that the festival will host senior officials of Armenia’s economy, politics and other spheres, with whom meetings, discussions will be held.

Results  of  the  festival will be summed up at the  end of the week. Good luck.

The photos are submitted by ASUE SC.


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