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The ASUE Research Center “Amberd” has published  the research “Analysis of Investment Efficiency of the RA Pension Funds and the Main Factors Influencing Profitability”. Within the framework of the research an attempt was made to analyze the investment activity of pension funds operating in Armenia, the costs and risks associated with them, and to assess their investment effectiveness. The key part of the study is also a system analysis of factors influencing investment activity and profitability. As a result of the ongoing factor analysis, the main factors influencing the risk and profitability of the fonds were identified and their qualitative and quantitative assessment was given. The main objectives of the study were to analyze the investment main limitations of pension funds, the dynamics of assets and liabilities of funds and the main directions of costs, identify the structure of the assets of the pension fund, note the main directions of management from the point of view of managing the investment portfolio, analyze the risk and profitability of pension funds, assess the effectiveness of their management, As a result of factor analysis, the identification of the main factors affecting the profitability of funds and the effectiveness of management, assessing the extent of their impact and etc..

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