Reading as a Best Means for Spiritual Development: What Do ASUE Students Read?

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Trainings have been over, the academic year is coming to an end.  University events are  also degrading…

ASUE  Library – scientific reading hall  after  Mushegh Adonts, is, probably, the only place full of  students  on these days. Here we  can meet interesting, bright, young people with mentality and world view, communication skills, for whom reading is the  best  way for self-development  and  the best  means for  spiritual development.

Inspired by University book lovers, ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division talked  to them, as well as the Library Directorate, to find out what  books the young people  read  and in general, what the reading is for students.

Armine Hovhannisyan, Director of ASUE Library,  presented  the  most popular books that students  order for additional reading, for self-development. Among  these  books are:  Francis Scott Fitzgerald “The Great Gatsby”, Mark Aren “Where the Wild Roses Grow”, Aysegul and Fethiye Çetin Altun  “Grandchildren” (the Genocide memories), Theodore Dreiser “Financier”.

“Despite, the  rule of  new  technologies, our  students actively read fiction  and, by the way, not online, but print, they are interested in both Armenian, Russian and foreign authors. Sometimes they order such books, that we are pleasantly surprised: student-economist reads highly artistic works – Bakunts, Nar-Dos, Camus , Hesse, Hugo… preferences  are different”; mentioned  the Library Director.

Dear students, we think that summer holidays  are  the  best time  to read  and  to self-develop.


ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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