Summary of transactions on financial markets of RA by "AMBERD" Research Center

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ASUE AMBERD Research Center has summarized the transactions on financial markets of RA in May.

According to the summary CB of RA has mainly used the instruments for reducing the liquidity during May month.Like previous months the weekly repo contracts have been used among the instruments of increasing liquidity, which volume has been 2,6 bln AMD. Like March month, also in MayThe Central Bank of RA hasn’t  implemented a purchase of government bonds, but has involved financial funds with the volume of 622,6bln AMD.

The exchange rate of USD has mainly demonstrated thegrowing tendency during the month thus decreasing by 0.41% for the purchase and for sales prices as compared to the beginning of the second part of the month. In case of EUR and RUR the rates have mainly been demonstrating the growing tendency during the month.

There has also been registered activity on the repo and swap markets and interbank loan market. The volume of OTC repo transactions has increased in 5,6%, repo with Eurobonds have decreased in 5,2%. There has been noticed different tendencieson interbank loans market. Interbank loans in AMD have decreased in 56,3%, but loans in USD have increased in 95,6%. The volume of USD swaps has decreased in 18.4%  on the swap market. Both in April and May swap transacyions in EUR hasn’t been done.

A big activity has been registered both on primary and secondary government bonds markets and mainly tendencies to decreasing interests. As a result profitability of outstanding short-term bonds has been 6,2104 % at the end of May /at the end of April it was 6.4004%/.Profitabilities of outstandingmid-term and long-term government bonds has been 10,0444% despite the result of the end of previous month- 11.1121%.

The volume of transactions on corporate bonds market has decreased in 87,4% ,profitabilities have been greatly decreased related to decreasing profitabilitieson financial markets. The volume of transactions on stock market has yielded theindicator of previous monthapproximately in 3,64 times.

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