Russian Language Olympiad: Promoting Comprehensive Study of Foreign Languages

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Chair  of Languages traditionally initiates Russian Language Olympiad. Today, the  regular test was  passed, 39 first year  Bachelor’s degree students  attended it.  Lida  Tonoyan, Associate Professor  of the  Chair, initiated the  Olympiad.

The  students passed  tests checking their knowledge in  lexicology, terminology, spelling, punctuation, stylistics, literature.

Lida Tonoyan told  ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division  that the Olympiad aimed to improve  students’ knowledge of  Russian Language, to support them to reveal creative  potential, then stated; “First, we need to develop interest in the study of Russian Language, then strengthen knowledge on historical-cultural traditions  and  values of Russian-speaking people. Testing the level and quality of students’ language proficiencywepromote  comprehensive study of foreign languages”.

The  results  of Olympiad will be known recently.


ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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