Visit to Stockholm School of Economics

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Ruben Hayrapetyan, Associate Professor  of the  Chair of  Management, ASUE, Doctor  of Sciences /Economics/, attended conference  on “The Role of Institutes in Welfare State  and Civil Society” in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 1-5, which  was  organized by SITE Institute  of Stockholm School of Economics.

Ruben Hayrapetyan told  ASUE Media and Public  Relations  Division that the main goal of the conference was to discuss the importance of formation and development of institutions in public administration, as well as to  study the  experience  of  a  number of Swedish system creating organizations.

In addition to discussions held in Stockholm School of Economics, research visits  were conducted  to  Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Swedish Public Employment Service, as well asgoverning bodies in Stockholm.

ASUE representative  mentioned that  these  visits were very important, as they enabled to learn from the experience, which is instructive for the public administration system in Armenia.

The main outcomes  of  conference  and visits were already  introduced to students and professors during a seminar held at ASUE.

 ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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