“Art Signs Decoding” book about beauty by Sofya Ohanyan

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Associate Professor at the ASUE Chair of Philosophy and Armenian History, PhD in philosophy Sofya Ohanyan presents her “Art signs decoding” book published by ASUE Scientific Board’s decision at the ASUE "Tntesaget" publishing house.

It is a cultural-philosophical public view on beauty, the history of which is presented by analyzing private characters and creations. The book is designed for students, lecturers, and anyone interested in cultural history and philosophy, beauty at all. The book in a more concise version was publishes in ASUE "Tntesaget" magazine in 2012-2016 publications under the “Art signs decoding” heading. So the author is grateful to the management and the staff of the magazine for the invaluable platform.

ASUE art lovers can find the book at our university’s library. By the way, this is the first part of the book, that is, the reader can expect new thoughts about beauty.

Our congratulations to Sofia Ohanyan, we wish you creative successes.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division

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