Student-Employer Relationship is Activating: Representatives of “INECOBANK” at ASUE

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“INECOBANK”  is expanding its branch network  and  is seeking  in knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivated young employees. It’s  already  second  visit of the representatives of “INECOBANK” Personnel Recruitment and Selection Department to ASUE, who met graduate  students  of Department of Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations, presented vacancies  and job opportunities.  In order to select the best ones  and  to supplement “INECOTEAM” the  Bank conducts a contest: trainings are conducted for  graduate students, exchange practical knowledge, and the  best ones got job suggestion.

Chair of International Economic Relations Headed by Diana Galoyan initiated the meeting.

Elina Stepanyan  and Tehmine Sargsyan, specialist of Personnel Recruitment and Selection Department, assured  that “INECOBANK” provides  best working conditions, rapid growth and promising career. They presented a video where the best employees share their successful experiences. The  employer recruited students’ CVs.

P.S. Anna Davtyan, Head of “INECOBANK” Personnel Recruitment and Selection Department,  mentioned during the previous meeting (Department of Finance)  that more than  50% of  the Bank employees are ASUE graduates.

Good luck to our students.


ASUE Media  and Public Relations  Division 

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