Polish Professor Anna Turczak Delivered a Lecture at ASUE

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Professor Anna Turczak from the faculty of Economics and Computer Science of West Pomeranian Business School (Szczecin, Poland) is hosted at ASUE in the frames of “Erasmus +” program.  Today, she delivered a lecture on “Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Economics” at ASUE International Programs Center (Tempus Hall). The meeting was attended by professors, employees, students of different specialties. The  measure was organized by ASUE Foreign Relations Division, the Head Vard Ghukasyan introduced the foreign guest and gave the floor to her.

Welcoming the attendees Anna Turczak referred to her University participation in “Erasmus +” program, academic programs (Bachelors, Masters) carried out for foreign students, noting that students from Turkey, Ukraine, Germany  and other countries study in West Pomeranian Business School.

She spoke on the application of mathematical and statistical methods and techniques in economics, demonstrated examples on effectiveness of conducting various calculations through logarithms.

P.S. On March 3, Anna Turczak met  employees of “AMBERD” Research center: plans within the framework of scientific research cooperation  were outlined.  On March 6,  the  professor delivered a lecture in ASUE Department of Computer Science and Statistics, and she  mentioned that she was impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of students. Dean of the  Department Manuk Movsisyan also met her before the lecture.


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