ASUE and Swiss UMEF University are Discussing the Opportunity of Carrying out Academic Programs

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Armenian State University of Economics and Swiss UMEF University are discussing the opportunity of carrying out  joint Master academic program.

P.S. Cooperation memorandum was signed by ASUE  and UMEF on May 25, 2016. Vice Rector of Educational Affairs of Swiss UMEF University, Professor Alain Hoodashtian is at ASUE  since February 27, 2017, who met ASUE Rector, Professor Koryun Atoyan, Vice Rector for Science  and International Relations Gagik Vardanyan, representatives of Academic staff. Today a farewell meeting with Rector was held.

Head of Science  and PhD Division Khoren Mkhitaryan informed that two Universities are discussing the opportunity of carrying out Masters in Business Administration /MBA/ according to which the students will get ASUE  and UMEF double diplomas.

Swiss UMEF University is situated in Geneva, offers BBA, MBA, Pd.D and DBA programmes in French and English-management, business administration, political science, international relations and diplomacy.

Here are the expected benefits of the joint program:

  1. Master students will get UMEF  and ASUE double diplomas.
  2. Master students will be able to continue one or two-semester study in Switzerland-UMEF Geneva campus.
  3. All courses will be conducted in English.
  4. All courses will be conducted by Faculty members arrived from Europe, USA, Canada and other countries.

Swiss University delegation visit to ASUE is planned  on April, 2017 aimed to sign cooperation agreement, to carry out marketing preparation activities.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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