Students Awarded ASUE Annual Scholarship

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Today, during the Rectorate Board’s session the Vice Rector of Educational-Organizational Matters Mihrdat Harutyunyan presented the list of students  awarded ASUE annual scholarship, noting that they were selected according to the procedure, and as a  result of discussions in Chairs, Department Boards, then Mandate Committee. Rectorate Board approved the list:

  1. Zaven Khukeyan-the 4th year student, Department of Management, scholarship after “Z. Bashinjaghyan”,
  2. Anna Avetisyan-the 4th year student, Department of Finance, scholarship after “H. Tumanyan”,
  3. Liana Isayan-the 4th year student, Department of Regulation of Economy 
    and International Economic Rеlations, scholarship after “M. Kotanyan”,
  4. Mary Avanesyan-the 4th year student, Department of Marketing and Business Organization,  scholarship after “V. Nerkararyan”,
  5. Armen Mkrtchyan-the 3rd year student, Department of Computer Science and Statistics, scholarship after “A. Arzumanyan”,
  6. Zepyur Alexanyan-the 3rd year student of Department of Accounting and Auditing, scholarship after “K. Karagyan”,
  7. Arusyak Harutyunyan-the 3rd year student of Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations, scholarship provided by ASUE Student Council.

Deans of Departments reported on results of  retaken exams for the 1st semester of the 2016-17 academic year.  Current issues  were also discussed.

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