Seminar on “Emotional Selling”

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Today, founder of “Ayvazyan & Partners” company, management expert, business trainer Vahe Ayvazyan conducted a training of  “Marketing Psychology” course by invitation of the lecturer of the mentioned course, Assistant Professor Vadim Grigoryan.

“Emotional Selling” seminar  started by “What is emotional selling?” question, and, in response, the attendees presented their statements, which were received approval and admiration by business expert. The students  noted  that it is directly related to Neuromarketing.

The business expert advised to recognize the  customer individually, to be aware of his/her preferences, character, which will enable to carry out emotional selling increasing the volume of  sales.

The skill to influence on people emotions is one of the modern marketing tools.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division talked to Vahe Ayvazyan and he highlighted that the future  marketers should be aware of the modern market demands, develop innovative business thinking.  “The sales, the marketing and in general, the business are relations between man and man, hence it is necessary to recognize the man for successful business”; summed up the expert.



ASUE Media and Public Relations Division

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