Members of Student Council Visited the Orphanage in Vanadzor

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As a tradition members of  ASUE  Student Council  visit  orphanages every  year, joy the  children, talk to them, become  familiar to their dreams and encourage them.

Yesterday  they visited  the orphanage  in Vanadzor and  made  the  children’s  day  remarkable and the  visit  of  Santa  Claus  was a  pleasant  visit  for  them, who  handed  the  Christmas gifts.

“They need the love and warmth, they are full members of society, our future soldiers, students. They  need  our attention and care and  we should  be  next  to them”; mentioned  the  Deputy SC President Hovhannes Harutyunyan.

The  Director  of the  orphanage highlighted  such  kind of measures for  children, as they feel loved, protected and  realize  that  they are  not uncared and  ignored by the society.

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