ASUE Board Session was Held

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ASUE Board session headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Minister for International Economic Integration and Reforms, ASUE Board Chairman  Vache Gabrielyan was held at the ASUE Big Hall. ASUE  Rector, Doctor of Economics, Professor Koryun Atoyan reported the first agenda issue: “The  Results  of  Academic  and  Financial-Economic Activities in 2017  and  the Main  Indexes  of  Budget  Project  in 2018”.

Koryun Atoyan congratulated board members with the gone holidays, welcomed new members and presented last year's activity of the university, mentioned main achievements, touched upon academic process, scientific-research, third degree of higher education, international activities, student council activities, public relations, social policy, economic and financial activities detailing the results of 2017 budget performance  and 2018 budget indicators.

The Rector also presented the problems and difficulties in all the spheres of University's activity, emphasizing the directions and activities that need to be improved. The entire report is available on ASUE official website:

After listening to the report ASUE Board unanimously approved  the  results  of  academic  and  financial-economic activities in 2017  and  the main indexes of  budget  project  for 2018 of Armenian State  University of  Economics. The Chairman Vache Gabrielyan thanked the University Rector for the done work which is unanimously approved.

Vache Gabrielyan touched upon the government's legislative initiative on amendments on education and other related laws, to the Law on Higher Education, approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia,  noting that the adoption of the project will bring big changes to the higher educational institutions and for being  properly prepared, a serious job must be done. The Board Chairman proposed to assign the rectorate to prepare a three-year strategy program for the implementation of this phase, which was unanimously approved.

ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan expressed gratitude to the Board Chairman and Members for their interested and careful attitude to the improvement of the University's activity and assured that developing a strategic plan all the views and considerations of the Board will be taken into account, which will allow to create a more successful program.

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