ASUE Professor Conducted Trainings in Foreign Universities

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Associate Professor of the Chair of Management, Head of Science and PhD Division Khoren Mkhitaryan visited  Universities of Hasselt and Brussels, Belgium, in the frames of “Erasmus+” program on December 13-20, and conducted trainings on “The global financial crisis threats”.

In the interview with ASUE Media and Public Relations Division Khoren Mkhitaryan mentioned  that he  had conducted trainings for Master students of Department of Economics. “After the trainings discussions were held on the global financial crisis last, we spoke  about it negative impact,  and  the  latter  on the real sector of the RA economy. I think that European students acquire  only  specialized knowledge and  often has no idea about economic famous facts. Meanwhile, our students acquire comprehensive knowledge, which is worthy to mention”; Associate Professor summed up.

ASUE  representative give the European  students the information booklets telling about our University. Khoren Mkhitaryan mentioned  that the  professors  of the  mentioned  Universities were interested in ASUE and  their  visit to our University in the  frames of “Erasmus+” program is  also planned.

P.S. Khoren Mkhitaryan has submitted  the photos.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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