ASUE 2016 Activity was Approved at Scientific Board’s Extended Session

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Today, ASUE Scientific Board’s extended session was  held  in ASUE Big Hall, which  was  attended by both  Scientific Board members and representatives  of the University  Faculty and Administrative  staff, students.

ASUE  Scientific Board Chairman, Rector, Doctor in Economics, Professor Koryun Atoyan reported the agenda issue- “The  Results  of  Academic  and  Financial-Economic Activities in 2016  and  the Main  Indexes  of  Budget  Project  in 2017  at Armenian State  University  of  Economics”.

Starting report, the Rector  noted that 2016 was a  significant one  for evaluating the  results  of  activities  conducted during the previous 5 years  and clarifying the strategic directions of development for the next period.

“In 2016 we were able to maintain and develop the vitality of all processes, which were set a few years ago.  We  speak about the  proclaimed priorities:  improving the quality of education, science, research, internationalization, development of public relations, social policies, technical capacities”; Koryun Atoyan mentioned and then  presented the done work.

The  Rector also presented results  of  academic  and  financial-economic activities in 2016  and  the main  indexes  of  budget  project  in 2017  at Armenian State  University  of  Economics, the  report  is available in ASUE  official website.

Summarizing report the  Rector  mentioned  that University management had been carried  out  by active  participation of collective management bodies, all units of the University.  Koryun Atoyan mentioned  that Deans of the Departments, Heads of the Chairs, administrative  and educational units, student council have their  great  contribution in the University achievements, educational reforms.

“2017 will be a year of very serious job, which is the only real way to confront the current challenges. We  should combine all efforts for improving education quality and to implement the goals  outlined in the University development  strategic plan.

I hope that we’ll demonstrate the consciousness worthy to scientists, highbrow to develop our University”; mentioned  the  Rector.

Scientific Board unanimously approved the  results  of  academic  and  financial-economic activities in 2016  and  the main  indexes  of  budget  project  in 2017  at Armenian State  University  of  Economics and it’s decided  to present it to ASUE Board for  discussion and approval.

Koryun Atoyan thanked  for approving the report and  congratulated ASUE staff and  students on New  Year and Christmas, wishing health, happiness, family well-being. University Head called  to  join our  efforts to improve education quality and to develop the University.

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