ASUE Social Policy: What Projects and Funds Invested in 2016

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Social projects directed to employees and students of Armenian State University of Economics are numerous.

ASUE Rector, Doctor of Economics, Professor Koryun Atoyan attaches great attention to social issues, the University social policy is enriched with new steps and approaches year by year.

As it’s time to sum up the year we also summarize the work done, evaluate the results, point out plans. It is noteworthy, that the allocations for social programs is quite significant in our University.

The largest projects directed to employees are the medical insurance,  the procedure for “Support and stimulation for children birth in new families” /, rewarding  the main employees in each semester.

The tuition fee of the vulnerable students with  studying high progress is discounted. 

Our University attaches  special attention to military-patriotic education and in this context the University  has strong contacts with the military units. Visits  and donations to remote border units  are conducted often.

Nominal scholarships have been raised to 20.000AMD.

The University organizes employees’ and students’ summer vacation in “Tntesaget” sport-health resort in Dilijan. Every year the Rector gifts rest tickets to students, and this year ASUE 50 students  and 20 students of Artsakh State University have got this gift.

Our University draws attention to sport and sport initiatives  are always encouraged. A number of visits to orphanages, support to vulnerable families are conducted. Traditionally, transfers are made to the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund's within the frames of annual Telethon and etc.. 

Koryun Atoyan told ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division; “Realization of social projects is based on the following approach-any good studying student shouldn’t be deprived the opportunity of  getting higher education. Hence, this approach  is the key of our activities directed to students. Through the projects directed to employees we try not only demonstrate social support but also encourage, motivate them”.



ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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