Lecturers and Students of ASUE Finance and Economy College visited the Military Unit of the RA Police

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On November 11, Avag Hakobyan, Director of ASUE Finance and Economy College, lecturers  and students visited the military unite of the RA police on the 11th anniversary of formation. The measure  was attended by Levon Eranosyan,  Commander of the military unit, Lieutenant-General. The information is submitted  by the College.

B. Poghosyan, Colonel of the Unit told  about the formation and  development of the Unit, referred to the Unit’s  achievements.

Robert Amirkhanyan  soldier, subaltern  has prepared unique gift for visitors: he pulled combat vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes by  rope and was registered in  “DYUTSAZNAGIRK” of “ASSOCIATION OF HEROES” NGO (Armenia Records Collection). The festive measure went on in drill ground. The best ones  were awarded encouraging gifts. Then the measure attendees laid flowers at the monument to those killed during the Artsakh war and protection of Armenia’s borders.


ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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