ASUE Admission Committee Completed its Work: Summary of the Admission Process

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Today, our University Admission Committee completed its work.

The Committee has worked from May 5  to November 1 and highly evaluated the admission process of the 2016-2017 academic year.  

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division talked to an Executive Secretary of the  Admission Committee Mary Badalyan, who stressed that in condition of high competition between the countries demographic image and Universities ASUE remains competitive as a Mother Economic University.

So, ASUE has 2273 students in the result of this year admission: here are the results:

Full-time Bachelor’s Program -919

Full-time Master’s Program -531

Part-time Bachelor’s Program -235

Part-time Master’s Program 288.

Moreover, 180 applicants from Colleges  have  admitted to ASUE, who are 2nd year students of full-time and part-time Bachelor’s program.

11 of Diaspora and foreign applicants have also admitted to ASUE: 8 of them full-time, 3 of them part-time Bachelor’s program.

We express gratitude to the President of ASUE Admission Committee, Rector Koryun Atoyan, Deputy President, Vice Rector Paruir Kalantaryan, Head of Chairs (who were involved in Master’s admission process), Admission Committee Secretariat, Media  and Public Relations Division, and all those, who supported the proper implementation of the admission process”;  said Mary Badalyan highlighting that the  first impression of the University  should be positive to applicants: admission committee employees  are responsible for it.

Congratulations to all ASUE  freshmen, wish them new achievement in learning process.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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