Seminar on “Is Success a Standard or an Accident?” at ASUE

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Today, a seminar on “Is Success a Standard or an Accident” was held at ASUE by initiative of Academic Committee of ASUE SC, which was conducted by Grigor Arakelyan, ASUE alumni, co-founder of “Strategic Business” educational and consulting center, businessman.

Hundreds of students, as well as University employers were interested in the seminar.

Levon Stepanyan, founder of  “MYbookstore” was the guest of the seminar, he is also ASUE  student: the bookstore awarded books to active participants of the seminar.

“Is the success a standard?” Grigor Arakelyan presented his own experience. The success is in the individual’s subconscious and  to achieve it You should have a positive belief: the discussion was  focused on it.

For achieving success You should set a clear goal then look for ways to achieve it:  fixing the idea in subconscious that success depends on You.

Note, that Grigor Arakelyan is hosted in our University often and his speeches inspire and motivate our students.


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