Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan and ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan attended the participants of “Student summer-2016” sport-cultural festival

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On August 13-19, “Student summer-2016”  sport-cultural  festival is  being  held   in  ASUE “Tntesaget”  sport-health resort,  which is initiated  by our  University Student  Council  and  Youth  Foundation of  Armenia.  This year the festival bears the symbolic “We are Artsakh” heading.

Yesterday, Prime  Minister, Chairman of  ASUE  Board  Hovik Abrahamyan visited the  campers,  got  acquainted with  their   everyday  activities,  took a  tour   round  the  sport-health resort accompanied  by  ASUE  Rector, Professor  Koryun Atoyan, Vice Rector  on  Students  and  Alumni  Affairs  Sevak  Khachatryan and  SC  President  Sergey  Kharatyan.

ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  said  that  the  University  Leadership  highlights the  collaborators’ and  students’  rest, the  evidence of  which are  the 4  relies organized in Dilijan.

The  fourth  rely is  mainly  organized  for  the  students,  who come up with interesting initiatives  every  year.  “We greatly  highlight  collaborators’  and students’  rest,  which enables the  University  students to  be  involved in  University  life  actively, to know  each  other,  to  contact with native University more closely. Traditionally, I  and  the  Chairman of  the  University  Board visit the  students  every  year,  get  acquainted with their  everyday  activities”; mentioned Koryun Atoyan  in the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division.

Sevak Khachatryan  presented  details  of  the Prime  Minister’s  visit: student 6 teams  participating  in the  festival   solemnly  greeted  the  honorary  guests.  Hovik Abrahamyan  followed  the students’ sport championships, personally awarded the winners, also attended the  rifle range. Hovik Abrahamyan took part in the festive feast with the students, the evening ended with a  guitar play around the fire,  students  asked  question  regarding  the  youth  and  education issues.

The  Head of  Government highlighted such  events    calling students for better study.

“The  students’ daily routine is quite full,  sport  events, excursions, visits to  historical-cultural places   are  the  compulsory  part  of the  rest. The  students  are  greatly  interested  in  the  festival,  which  will  be  summed  up  on August 19”;  said  Sevak Khachatryan.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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