First relay of ASUE “Tntesaget” sport-health resort: Rector Koryun Atoyan visited the vacationists

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Yesterday, the  first relay  of  summer rest in ASUE “Tntesaget” sport-health resort started. Rector  Koryun Atoyan visited  the vacationists  to  evaluate the preparatory work, created conditions and their mood.

“The  issue  of  organizing the rest of university staff and students  is among our social programs,  and every year we  try  to  improve  the  conditions  we offer the university  members.  It’s  already several years we invite our  colleagues  and  students  of  Artsakh State  University to  our  sport-health  resort”; mentioned  Koryun  Atoyan.

P.S. Sevak Khachatryan, Vice Rector on Students  and  Alumni  Affairs  reported  on organizing  students  and collaborators rest in the  resort, mentioning  that the visitors will  be  satisfied  by the  created  conditions.

We  also  had a telephone conversation with Hakob Kyokchyan, the Head of sport-health resort. “It’s  rainy  and  cool  weather  in Dilijan. The  vacationists  of  the  first  relay  (5 vacationists  from Artsakh State  University, 2  families  of lecturers  and  ASUE  students) arrived  yesterday.  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan also  visit us  yesterday and highly evaluated the  preparatory work”; mentioned Hakob Kyokchyan.  

P.S. As every year , the  resort will  work with four relays by following agenda: from  the  5th to the 17th of  July, from the 18th  to  the 30th of July, from the  31st of July  to the 12nd of August,  from the 13rd to the  25th of  August. The trip for ASUE workers costs 35.000 AMD and 40.000AMD for family members.


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