ASUE 50 students will get free tickets of sport-health resort in Dilijan

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Today, regular  session of  Rectorate Board  was  held.  The  Deans  reported  on the  results of scientific research internship  of part-time MA second  year   students.

Sevak Khachatryan, Vice Rector  on  Students  and  Alumni  Affairs,  reported on organizing  students’ summer  rest  in  sport-health  resort  in Dilijan.

Mikhail Karapetyan, Vice Rector on Administrative Affairs,  informed  that  the kitchen and laundry of  the  resort had  been  repaired.

Sekav Khachatryan presented two proposals: considering ASUE cooperation  with  Artsakh State  University  to  invite  students  and  lecturers for  rest  this  year  also.

P.S.  this  approach  was invested  several years  ago  and    representatives of  partner  University have their  rest in the  resort by  Koryun Atoyan's  invitation.

 The  Vice Rector  suggested   to  supply 50  free  tickets  to  best  students  of  the  University. Rectorate  Board  approved  the proposals  /more information

Mihrdat  Harutyunyan, Vice Rector  on  Educational-organizational Matters, reported  on changes of regulation allocating  student, state  and  nominal  scholarships.  New  regulation  will  be  available in ASUE  official website  after  approval  of  ASUE  Scientific  Board.

Current issues  were  also  discussed, including  the  solemn   ceremony  of  handing  diplomas. Sevak Khachatryan  informed  that the  ceremony  will  be  held  on June 28.


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