Business trip on “Erasmus+” program: lectures on environmental issues

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Anna Karapetyan, Associate  Professor at  the  Chair  of Environmental Economics, Candidate  in Economics,  has  recently  returned from partner  University:  Universitatea Stefan Cel Mare Suceava of Romania, within the  framework of EU “Erasmus+”.

On May 16-20, ASUE  specialist delivered  lectures  on “Economic levers to regulate pollution”  and “Armenian and global  environmental problems”  for  BA  and  MA  students.

Angela Albu, Head of  the  Department of Economics  and Public Management highlights the  lectures on environmental problems  and  the  students  were  greatly  interested in them”; mentioned  Anna  Karapetyan  and  added that the  meeting with lecturers also passed in an atmosphere of mutual interest,  during  which  she  presented  Armenian environmental problems  and  policy. 

“I  have  met  only Vahe Barseghyan, our other students  were  participating  in the  conference on these  days.

Note,  that  ASUE  Foreign Relations Division coordinates “Erasmus+”  program in  our  University.

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