The RA Prime Minister and ASUE Rector were hosted in “Level-up” international conference

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Today, “Level-up” international student  conference  hosted Hovik Abrahamyan, the  RA Prime Minister, the  Head of  ASUE Board, Koryun Atoyan, ASUE  Rector, Doctor, Professor, Karapet Guloyan, Marzpet,  Kotayk  Marz.

About 100 students from 15 universities in 7 countries around the world  participated  in annual  conference  which  has  got  an international format  this  year. The  slogan of  the  conference  was “Help your friend to achieve a level-up”.

Hovik Abrahamyan  welcomed the  initiative  and participation  of students from different  universities all  over  the  world.

“As a  head of  the  RA  Government   I  pay great attention to the professional rational discussions, which  may be useful for development of our economy, for solving  the  problems  we  are  facing to”; mentioned  the  Prime  Minister.

Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Doctor in Economics, Professor, referred  to University science development policy. “Students  have  been involved in research activities of  the  University,  who have  a  chance  not  only to develop research capacity, but  also to earn money.

I am glad to mention that our  students’  participation in all fields of  University  activities has  been greatly increased.  It’s worthy  to  mention that  students also highlighted the  role and  participation in this  kind of conferences”;  mentioned  the  Rector. /Rector’s  speech HERE (Armenian version)/

The  conference  was  summed  up:  Koryun Atoyan, Sevak Khachatryan and Sergey Kharatyan  awarded  certificates to the  participants.  

Koryun Atoyan suggested Hayk Grigoryan, Albert Hayrapetyan  and  Grigor Voskerchyan  to  be  involved in Research  activities  conducted  in “Amberd” research  center. This  suggestion  was a surprise for students and was welcomed with enthusiasm.

Summarizing  the  conference the  Presidents of  SC Sergey  Kharatyan stressed that the  conference  was a  great  chance  for  students  to  gain new  capacities, then  expressed  gratitude  to students, lecturers included in jury, as well as Koryun Atoyan  and Youth Foundation of Armenia,  due  to  their  active  support  the  conference  was  held.

The  results  of  the  conference will be  established soon.



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