Students reveal the opportunities of EXCEL program: free courses launched

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ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center joint  with “Marketers Community”  foundation and “Excelist” club   initiated and  organized  free  courses of  EXCEL program  for  BA  and  MA  students  of  marketing  specialty,  which  launched  today.

Our  students  will  get acquainted  with the  main  functions of  the  program  during 5 weeks. The  courses  are  conducted  by Mayis Margaryan,  founding director of  “Excelist”  club.

In his  speech he  mentioned  that knowledge  of  EXCEL  is  very  important  for economists, moreover it’s  obligatory.

“5 courses  will  be  conducted  within the  framework of our  initiative, during  which  the  student  will  complement their  knowledge, will get acquainted  with the  opportunities  of  EXCEL  and  the  most  necessary functions”; said  Mayis  Margaryan.

 Grisha  Amirkhanyan,  senior  specialist in  Career  and  Marketing Center,  mentioned that it’s  a  regular  initiative,  which  aimed  to  enhance students’ professional knowledge, such measures are very important and will  be  continued.

Note, that large  number  of  students  have  applied  for  participation, but  only 40  of  them  have  been  selected.


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