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On May 2-5, 2016, a  conference within the  framework of MAHATMA  (Master in higher education management: developing  leaders for managing educational transformation)  exchange  project was  held in Georgia,  which  was attended  by Maria Pertosyan, leading specialist of Quality  Assurance  Division, ASUE.

The  first  day  was devoted  to discussion of the  founding documents  of  “International Association  for  Education” created as a result  of  the  project, a series of issues concerning the activities of the organization,  a  series  of  documents  were aggregated and summarized.

Further  actions planed within the  framework of the  project  were identified, those responsible and deadlines  were set.

The  second  day of  the  meeting  was  a dissemination event  among MAHATMA partners  and  Georgian institutions. Each  University of Armenia and Georgia  included  in the project, as well as ANQA presented the  activities conducted  within the  framework of MAHATMA.

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