Research of Master Students ahead of Exams

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Suren  Gevorgyan, the Chair of Environmental Economics, Professor, uses new teaching approaches in Master courses aimed  at enhancing  the research component. It’s  already 3rd  year  that students conduct  research on examination topics ahead of  exams and  gave presentations, held discussion.

Today, the  regular presentation was given by 7 students  within the  frames  of “Economic Issues of Climate Change” course. The  event was attended  by Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector of Science  and International Relations, Paruir Kalantaryan, Vice Rector  of Educational-methodological Matters, and  lecturers  of the  above  mentioned  Chair.

The  first report  was Artyom Kosakyan’s on “Peculiarities of Armenia's Economy and Energy Development”,  who  has  studied the  development opportunities for alternative energy in our country, had specifically touched upon the urgent issue - the potential for the development of solar energy, and the application effectiveness.

The Vice Rectors and lecturers asked questions to reporters. Gagik Vardanyan encouraged the students noting that their proposals could be valuable for the Government of Armenia.

"The students are enthusiastically studying topics included in the curriculum and always  state that this method greatly contributes to the proper presentation of the exams”; stated Suren Gevorgyan.

Another presentation on  "Food Safety" will be  held soon.


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