Scientific Events at ASUE Gyumri Branch

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ASUE  Gyumri Branch sums up the  academic  semester with a number of scientific events: academic  staff  and  students united their potential in November-December, conducting discussions on urgent issues of economics.

We present the  information submitted  by  the  Branch.

On November 7, conference was held and  reports by Hayk Sargsyan, Dean of Faculty of Economics  and Management at YSU, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, member of the Public Council adjunct to the RA President, and Samson Davoyan, Director  of  ASUE Gyumri Branch, Professor of Yerevan State University  and Armenian-Russian University were  presented.

The  conference  was  attended  by Arthur Khachatryan, Governor of Shirak region, lecturers, students, Master’s  and PhD  students  of  YSU, ASUE  and other Universities. At the  end  of the conference  the Professors answered the attendees’ questions. The video is  available at

On December 6, Samson Davoyan initiated an open lesson-discussion on “Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement” for the 2nd year students  of finance  and accounting specialty, which was  attended  by the academic staff, students, Mass  Media. 14 students presented reports discussing the main, targeted issues of the agreement by submitting analysis of possible scientific and practical outcomes.

Samson Davoyan summarized the legal, social and political provisions contained in the reports and underlined that the implementation of the agreement can become a connecting platform not only for Armenia but for other four Eurasian Economic Union countries, in terms of institutional development and our country can successfully implement “both…and'' policy. The video  is  available  at

On December 11, open lesson on “Innovation Policy Based on Science and Technology  Development” was  held by Armine Harutyunyan, lecturer  of  the  Chair of General Economics, PhD (Applicant). The peculiarities of the innovation system, the key issues in the field and the ways of solution from national and international point of  view  have been considered. Students have demonstrated their innovative nominal pens, the ink is cleaned with special means, and can be recovered if desired.

The organizer of the event noted that the study of innovation policy, revealing the existing problems and challenges both at national and international levels are the basis of economic development and economic growth. Samson Davoyan  attended the  lesson.

On December 12, seminar-discussion on “Socio-economic Problems of the Countries and their Solutions” was  conducted  and  attended  by Samson Davoyan, Lusya Galoyan, PhD in Economics, the 11th -12th form  pupils  of  the  high  schools  in Gyumri  and  their  teachers. They have  revealed the issues related to the topic, answered students' questions. Active pupils have received encouraging  prizes, Professor Samson Davoyan's latest two monographs.


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