Mother's blessing is the bear-leader of brave children of the motherland: ASUE rector Koryun Atoyan`s congratulatory message on April 7

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ASUE rector Koryun Atoyan has sent a message on Maternity and Beauty Day, which is presented below:

Dear women and girls, mothers and sisters!

Unfortunately, today Maternity and Beauty day is a day of pain and suffering, a day of mourning for the irreplaceable loss. At the same time, we cannot ignore and do not tell you the words of love and warmth, confirming your invaluable role in the establishment and strengthening of the Armenian family, and in upbringing of healthy and talented children.

At this critical moment for our country, your word and your will supervises your children, brothers, fathers and husbands, and many times on the altar of freedom of the motherland their precious life is put. So it is today. The Armenian people again defended their motherland, their mothers, fathers and homeland. And again bear-leader of brave and stubborn children was optimism, faith and maternal blessing.

Dear women, I wish You health, strength and courage, to encourage your loved ones in these difficult days, consolation and patience to mourn the irreversible loss of your beloved children and brothers.

Birth and death, celebration and mourning are leg up. Let peace come soon to our ancient and proud homeland; let your eyes shine only with tears of happiness!

ASUE rector, professor

Koryun Atoyan.