Professors of the Chair of Macroeconomics Attended Open Lecture Conducted by Famous Norwegian Economist Erik S. Reinert

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On March 29, the famous Norwegian economist, entrepreneur, consultant to numerous governments and author of “How Rich Countries Got Rich and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor” award-winning bestseller Professor Erik S. Reinert conducted an open lecture at Armenian-Russian University, attended by Head of the Chair of Macroeconomics, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Karen Grigoryan, PhDs in Economics, Associate Professors Knarik Vardanyan and Gayane Avagyan.

Karen Grigoryan submitted the information detailing that Erik Reinert touched upon modern economics, presented his long-term research outcomes and rich database, at the end of the lecture the Professor answered the attendees’ questions.

"Such a live meeting with a prominent scholar was a real master class for lecturers, researchers and students. According to Erik Reinert’s thesis, the economic development is possible due to the harmonious combination of economic regulation and strategic investment”; the Head of Chair stated.

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