ASUE Hosted Pupils of 4 High Schools: Informative Meeting and Warm Atmosphere

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Main Economic University goes on hosting pupils aimed at professional orientation. Today, the pupils of 54, 97, 105, 118 high schools were hosted at ASUE Big Hall. Tatul Mkrtchyan, Vice Rector for Science, Davit Hakhverdyan, Director of AMBERD research center, Deans and Vice Deans, Lilit Dadayan, Advisor to Rector, Lusine Danielyan, Director of External Affairs Department, Aghavni Hakobyan, Head of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Division, ASUE staff and SC members welcomed them.

Manuk Movsisyan, Executive Secretary of ASUE Admissions Committee, Dean of the Faculty of Management, submitted useful information on the key points of the admission process.

The meeting was summed up by the tour around ASUE Faculties, infrastructures.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division