Restarted SSS Promises ASUE Members a Warm Welcome in the World of Science: the Coordinators Met with the Students

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ASUE Student Scientific Society (SSS) is restarting its activities with new impetus and quality for this academic year. It was announced during today’s meeting with the students.

Today, Lilit Dadayan, coordinator of SSS activities, Advisor to the Rector on Student Affairs, invited students jointly discuss ways to improve SSS activity and record their recommendations. The SSS Faculty members were present – representatives of academic staff: Edgar Aghabekyan (Finance), Liana Hayrapetyan (Marketing and Business Organization), Anush Shirinyan (Computer Science and Statistics), Gayane Avagyan (Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations), Narine Mirzoyan (Accounting and Auditing), Lusine Karapetyan (Management).

Lilit Dadayan welcomed the students and informed that there will be new approaches in SSS activities in this year. Specifically, each of the Faculties, both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, 3 reports will be selected, which will participate in the University stage, as well as students who will win the 1st-3rd prizes will get monetary prizes. The new SSS promises ASUE students a warm welcome to the world of science, to discover and develop their scientific potential. Students with outstanding research skills will be able to collaborate with the University AMBERD Research Center.

Up-to-date topics, research component, fresh and innovative ideas: these are the basic and encouraging requirements for SSS members.

Lilit Dadayan and the Faculty members presented the technical and content requirements of the scientific work and then listened to the students' suggestions.

Let’s recall, that CVs of students interested in science and research activities were collected to supplement SSS.

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