…The Hero of Artsakh: Eternal Glory

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The war was ruthless, unspeakably ruthless. Many of our best boys fell like heroes,  the loss is irreversible!

We are deeply saddened to announce that Davit Grigoryan, the 3rd year student of Faculty of Finance, who had been  awarded the highest title of Hero of Artsakh for his unbelievable heroism in the war, joined the immortal boys who fell like heroes for the homeland… On September 27, 2020, he managed to destroy 15 tanks and 1 armored vehicle in Karakhambeli-Fizuli section. See  the publication.

"It's a pain, a suffocating pain. Our David is the heroic boy who inspired us a lot during the difficult moments, gave hope and faith, great strength from the border. His heroism is immeasurable. There are moments when silence expresses a person's grief a little, this is the moment, there are no words…"; the Dean  Vahe Mikayelyan noted.

We experience intolerable feelings of unbearable pain of pride and loss, dear  David, Hero  of Artsakh, our eternal student! You became more than the Hero of Artsakh… We bow our heads. Eternal glory…

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division