Yan Bednorsh: "I will work in Armenia with great pleasure…”

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Yan Bedmorsh, 2nd year master’s student from Poznan University of Economics and Business and Qristine Hayrapetyan, student at the Rostov State University of Economics (RINKH) studied at ASUE for the second semester of 2017-2018 academic year.

We had a meeting with them at the Foreign Relations Division. Yan was here within the EU Erasmus+ program, and Qristine was here within the framework of inter-university cooperation. Yan was going to leave Armenia soon, so we hurried to get acquainted with him and learned his impressions about Armenia. So before coming to Armenia he only knew about the Armenian Genocide and that it was a post-Soviet country. However, he came to Armenia, studied, traveled around for months, visited Artsakh and discovered for himself a wonderful place with wonderful, simple, sociable and kind people. As for our university, Yan said that since he was the only foreign student, a personal training course was developed for him. He passed 5 subjects: Project Management, Microeconomics, International Financial Markets, Public Management, Management Culture and Business Communications, and the lecturers were scientists, who gave a new quality to Master's Degree. Yan Bedmorsh participated in the SSS session of the Department of Management. Now he would return home and end his master's thesis, after which he would work at State Policy Analysis Center in Lithuania.
At the end Yan confessed that he would work in Armenia with great pleasure.
We wish him success.
Soon we will also introduce Qristine Hayrapetyan.

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