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Talented Students’ Victory: Department of Accounting and Auditing is the Best

Today, “Student Autumn-2016” sport-cultural festival was summed up by a great gala concert. Department of Accounting and Auditing won. Today,  each department  acted in singing and dancing competitions and  surprised everybody by its creativity. Here are  the results  of singing competition: Department of  Computer...

Which Department will be the Best: KVN Performaces were over

“Student Autumn-2016” is  coming to an end: another cultural measure  and  the  winning Department will be known during the  gala  concert held  on December 12.           ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division Previous  news  here

KVN Performances

Today, one of the  most beloved measures  of  students  started-KVN performances in the frames  of “Student Autumn-2016” sport-cultural festival, which as attended  not only  by students but also representatives of Faculty staff.       ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division  Previous  news  here

Sport Competitions of “Student Autumn” Were Concluded

The atmosphere in the University was  sportive on November 14-23: chess, volleyball, ping-pong, arm wrestling, shooting, futsal tournaments were conducted within the frames of “Student Autumn-2016” sport-cultural festival.  Here are  the  results: Chess tournament: Department of Management, Department of Regulation...

Sport-Cultural Festival at ASUE Yeghegnadzor Branch

“Student Autumn-2016” sport-cultural festival was held at ASUE Yeghegnadzor Branch on November 12-19,  within frames  of  which chess and ping-pong tournaments, intellectual game-competition, KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive), photography, poetry, song and dance competitions were conducted. The  Festival was ...

Solemn Opening Ceremony of “Student Autumn 2016”

Today, solemn opening ceremony of “Student Autumn 2016” sport-cultural festival was held at ASUE gym, which was attended by Rector Koryun Atoyan, Vice Rector on  Students  and Alumni Affairs Sevak Khachatryan, Head of the Chair of Physical Training,  Emergency   Situations and Civil   Defense Hovhannes Gabrielyan, ...