Talented Students’ Victory: Department of Accounting and Auditing is the Best

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Today, “Student Autumn-2016” sport-cultural festival was summed up by a great gala concert. Department of Accounting and Auditing won.

Today,  each department  acted in singing and dancing competitions and  surprised everybody by its creativity.

Here are  the results  of singing competition:

  1. Department of  Computer Science and Statistics,
  2. Department of Management,
  3. Department of  Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations.

Here are  the results  of dancing competition:

  1. Department of Accounting and Auditing,
  2. Department of Marketing and Business Organization,
  3. Department of Management.

Prizes  and  certificates  were  awarded  by Student Council Vice President Grisha Amirkhanyan and President of SC Committee of Press and Media Hayk Bejanyan.

By the  way, today was the birthday of the SC President of  Department of Accounting and Auditing Vigen Harutyunyan  and  the  victory  was a  real present for  him.

P.S. “Student Autumn 2016” was conducted by ASUE Student Council supported  by the  University Leadership  and Youth Foundation of Armenia. This  year the  autumn festival  was dedicated to Students  and Youth International Days.

Congratulations  to participants, winners  and  organizers.





ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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