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Congratulations of ASUE Deans

Deans of ASUE Departments Mary Badalyan, Grigor Nazaryan, Tatul Mkrtchyan, Manuk Movsisyan, Sos Khachikyan and Vahe Mikayelyan congratulated New Year and Christmas. You can watch the video prepared by ASUE Media and Public Relations Department here. ASUE Media and Public Relations Division

ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan Congratulated Armenian Press Day

Dear students, colleagues, October 16 has  become Press staff day according to the  decree  of the RA  Government on April 22, 2004, which later renamed Armenian Press Day. The first number  of  our University official magazine – “Tntesaget”, was published in 1977, i.e. it is a jubilee for  the University magazine...

Koryun Atoyan, Rector of ASUE, Congratulated Students on the Knowledge Day

Dear ASUE students, According to beautiful tradition professor Koryun Atoyan, Doctor of Sciences /Economics/, Rector of ASUE, congratulated on the occasion of the start of new academic year (see below the text). Dear first-year students of ASUE, I am glad to welcome you and start a new academic year with you in...

Congratulatory Massage of ASUE Rector, Professor Koryun Atoyan оn International Women's Day

Dear colleagues, ASUE Rector, Professor Koryun Atoyan rewarded more than 400 ASUE woman employees on International Women’s Day /25.000 AMD/ and we present the congratulatory message below: It’s already beautiful tradition to congratulate warmly women, girls of our big collective, as well as students on March 8....