Koryun Atoyan, Rector of ASUE, Congratulated Students on the Knowledge Day

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Dear ASUE students,

According to beautiful tradition professor Koryun Atoyan, Doctor of Sciences /Economics/, Rector of ASUE, congratulated on the occasion of the start of new academic year (see below the text).

Dear first-year students of ASUE,

I am glad to welcome you and start a new academic year with you in the beautiful yard of ASUE. Knowledge day is a holiday for thousands of people who know the value of education and learning and it’s great that you are among those people.

Dear parents,

I would also like to congratulate you on the occasion of this memorable day, since everyone knows that it’s a cherished desire for every parent to see his/her child as a university student. I am confident, that today is a great holiday in every family and I am sure that these positive tendencies will follow you during the whole study process.

Dear students,

Our University has been in big transformations during the recent years, the students of higher classes can testify about that.  A lot of programs have been realized at ASUE, regarding which you will have the opportunity to be informed in details soon. But I want to mention that different scientific, research, educational and international programs are being implemented at ASUE, the University is in the ongoing process of technical upgrading and construction.

Our biggest achievement is the establishment of “AMBERD” research center. Even though it has been acting for several years but has already managed to gain a good and weighty reputation.

The center is open not only for famous scientists and experts, but also for students who have desire to do scientific work in the future.  A set of exchange programs, reforms of the educational process, invest of social programs, organization of students leisure, provision of living conditions and dozens of other initiatives, which are being implemented by the University management and staff are aimed at the provision of qualified education.

Especially you, dear firs-year students,

We imagine how difficult it was to orientate in choosing of University. We can imagine the feelings of students while filling in the applications at Admission Committees. I want to assure you that in spite of the competitiveness among Armenian and foreign Universities, you have made a right decision and chosen specialized University offering economic education. Though you can face some difficulties here, but I want to believe that you won’t be disappointed , since you will see that our endeavors and goals are honest, and our only task is to make you competitive specialists, who can create their career after graduation. Surely, our endeavors are not enough, we also need your willingness and high consciousness of education appreciation to make the results satisfying not only for you but for us.

Good luck and be responsible in this determining phase of your life.

Best regards,


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