The 1st Stage of Admission was Summed up – 867 Applicants have been Registered

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On June 1, the full-time Bachelor’s degree admission for the 2019-2020 academic year was over (the 1st stage). ASUE Media and Public Relations Division talked to the Executive Secretary of ASUE Admission Committee Manuk Movsisyan, who presented the number of applicants for 11 specialties according to the 1st application.

867 applicants have been registered, including the first application (free system), according to professions: finance - 195, management - 160, economics - 150, marketing -148, accounting and taxation - 143, statistics - 28, tourism - 17 services - 8, actuarial and financial mathematics - 6, information systems - 7, ecology and environment - 5.

Here is the attached document submitted by ASUE Admission Committee recording the number of applicants as of this date 01.06.2019.

Note, that the additional stage will be conducted from June 25 to July 2, which is open for dual citizens of the Republic of Armenia and foreigners, citizens of the Republic of Armenia graduated from the educational institutions of foreign countries in the mentioned academic year, applicants of the same year's spring conscription, graduates of the initial vocational (technical) and vocational education institutions. Detailed information is available at ASUE official website under “Applicant” heading.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division