ASUE Announces Competition for Vacant Courses

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“Armenian State University of Economics” state non-profit organization , based on the requirements of Article 19, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the RA Law on "Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education", and “Regulations for the Election and Placement of the Academic Staff of “Armenian State University of Economics” state non-profit organization (available at ASUE official website ( announces competition for vacant courses.

Detailed information is available at ASUE official website under “Documents” page via the active link.

Applications are admitted from May 22 to June 20, 2019: address: 128 Nalbandyan str., 0025 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, ASUE HRM Division (main building, the 3rd floor).

The below mentioned documents should be submitted with the application form (available at ASUE official website, “Documents” page):

  1. Copy of passport:
  2. CV (sample is available at "Documents" page, ASUE official website);
  3. Copies of all documents certifying the information of the CV;
  4. A brief overview of the course, 2-3 pages, which should indicate:
  • the purpose of the course (1-2 paragraphs);
  • topics and summary of each topic with knowledge-skill-ability logic (1-2 sentences).

The above mentioned documents are available at ASUE official website, “Documents” page, “Competition for Vacant Courses” heading.

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