They Crystallized Their Love for the Homeland with Eternal Glory: ASUE Narek Volunteered on the Front Line

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Both during the war and in the post-war period, we continue to admire the heroism of our patriotic boys. And regardless of everything, everyone is alive for us ... They are so full of homeland…

Today we present Narek Babayan, ASUE student, graduate of the Faculty of Marketing and Business Organization in 2018 (specialty - business organization) who went to the front line as a volunteer. There has been no news from our brave fighter since October 12 last year, unfortunately, in early January his body was found on the battlefield…

Classmate Eliza Barseghyan told us about the hero.

"Narek was a calm and balanced, smart boy. He was a kind, friendly and full of life young man, broad-minded and had an unique way of thinking. "He loved his profession, worked as a marketing specialist at Zigzag, but most of all he loved the homeland, for which he gave his life"; said Eliza.

Born and raised in Yerevan, the hero Narek, went to the hottest spots - Hadrut, then Mekhakavan, as soon as he received the news of the war. He fought with full devotion, cherishing the love of the homeland.

The staff of the dean's office of the Faculty of Marketing and Business Organization remembers Narek describing him with the warmest words.

ASUE is proud of its students, who crystallized their love for the homeland with eternal glory. We bow our heads…

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