ASUE representatives attended International Conference

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The 8th annual international conference of the Armenian Economic Association was held at the American University of Armenia and TUMO Center for Creative Technologies on June 14-16. Gayane Tovmasyan, PhD in Economics, senior researcher at AMBERD Research Center, researcher Astghik Hovhannisyan, Evgenya Bazinyan, PhD in Economics, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Mathematical Methods in Economics attended the conference.

The scientists from Georgia, Germany, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, Russia, United Kingdom have participated in the conference. There were about 50 reports on agriculture, finance, international trade, economic development, education, micro and macroeconomics, migration, taxation and other spheres.

On the first day of the conference, Daron Acemoglu, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, give a speech by skype on the current situation of economy in Armenia. Professor of the New York City University Randel Filler had a report on "Armenia. Looking to the Future". The professor noted that the most important thing is competition, even in "the market of ideas". Gayane Tovmasyan presented The role of tourism in the development of the economy of Armenia.

The first day reports are available here.

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