ASUE Student Karen Margaryan Passed Like a Hero: ETERNAL GLORY

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We express our deep sorrow։ Karen Margaryan, a student of ASUE Faculty of Finance, is one of the heroes who sacrificed his life for the homeland in the battles against the enemy. He was from Paravakar village of Tavush region.

Our Karen was conscripted the army in January, 2019, after passing all the exams brilliantly.

Vahe Mikayelyan, Dean of Faculty of Finance, told that Karen was an unique student, smart, well-educated, responsible, modest and restrained ... we can endlessly described him.

"He was very conscientious, he came to the University every morning at 8.30, he always sat in front of the lecturer, and tried to answer all the questions. Before being conscripted the army, he tried to pass all the exams and get high marks. He decided to return from the service and, learning well, to rotate into a free system. I have no doubt he would do it ..."; the Dean could not speak for a long time.

In September, 2018, was holding briefings with ASUE freshmen, among them were Karen, our smart and hard studying Karen.

"I searched for information about ASUE on the official website of the University, and now that I am a student, I am sure that I have made the right choice. I will do my best to study well and rotate into a free system. I am aware that students from border areas are given a number of advantages in case of good study, so I am greatly motivated to study"; Karen said (see the publication).

A corner in memory of Karen Margaryan was established on the 1st floor of the Faculty of Finance. Today our Karen is with all of us, in everyone’s heart, your memory is bright, dear Karen.

We express our condolences to Karen Margaryan's family and relatives. ETERNAL GLORY…

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