ASUE Lecturer Attended International Conference in Tashkent

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On October 15-18, Albert Hayrapetyan, Assistant Professor at the Chair of International Economic Relations, PhD in Economics, attended international conference entitled “The Role of English in Higher Education and its Impact on Graduate Employability” organized by British Council in Tashkent, aimed at finding out how the teaching of English at non-English-speaking Universities contributes to the professional growth of students and increases their chances of employability. The conference was attended by education officials from eight countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, United Kingdom), as well as university lecturers teaching their subjects in English. Alber Hayrapetyan represented ASUE and stated that he had taught the "International Financial Markets" course in English within the frames of "Erasmus +" program for students hosted at ASUE.

“Among the many issues discussed, the following were noteworthy: How effective is the English language course by a non-English language teacher?, does a foreign language professional training course impede the student's full and proper mastering of the subject matter?, does the availability of English-language universities in non-English speaking countries contribute to different social and interpersonal differences? What English to teach: American, British or localized English, such as Singapore English”; Albert Hayrapetyan stated.

The young scientist of our University took an active part in the discussions and then expressed his impressions while being interviewed by the British journalist within the frames of conference. The participants of the conference took a tour at Westminster International University in Tashkent, where the teaching language is English. At the end of the event, British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Tim Torlot hosted the participants.

“The most exciting part of the conference was getting to know the future student's life through virtual reality technologies. The conference organized by the British Council has contributed to the development of my pedagogical skills and the knowledge that I’ll use in teaching at our University”; Albert Hayrapetyan stated, expressing his willingness to share the knowledge gained through the conference with fellow young lecturers, who teach the subject areas within their professional disciplines in English.

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