"Creative and Innovation" English Course, Aimed at Improving Professional and Linguistic Skills

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ASUE Chair of Languages has conducted “Creative and Innovation” course, held by Anna Konjoryan, Human Resources Manager at Synergy Armenia.

It’s plan to hold 8 lectures, during which current labor market demands, skills required from professionals in the information age, as well as topics - “Futurism and Economic Revolution Review”, “Innovations’ Mechanisms and Processes”, “Education of the 21st Century” will be presented. The start was given yesterday, the development of creative thinking was the key issue to be discussed, attended by lecturers, students of different Departments.

Lusine Harutyunyan, acting Head of the Chair, Doctor of Sciences /Philology/, Associate Professor, stated that all students can participate aimed at developing professional, computer, linguistic skills and also for the proper representation of the employer.

Anna Konjoryan assured that all meetings will be conducted in an interactive, discussions atmosphere, there will be team work, the course outcomes will be summed up by a contest of team project.

The second lecture will be conducted today at 14:15, N 217 auditorium, Department of Management.

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