ASUE “Graduation-Party”: Solemn Ceremony of Awarding Diplomas, Entertaining Evening (photos)

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The graduates of the 2020-2021 academic year of Main University of Economics are entering a new phase of life. Yesterday, on July 12, they were awarded graduation certificates (diplomas). The event was held in "Tesaran" recreation and entertainment center.

Vahagn Khachatryan, the Chair of ASUE Board, Diana Galoyan, ASUE Rector, Karen Trchunyan, Deputy Minister of the RA Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Gor Melik-Sahakyan, President of ASUE SC, representatives of ASUE partner organizations, Deans, Faculty members, ASUE collaborators, attended the event, congratulated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree graduates.

The evening started with an official ceremony․ Karen Trchunyan congratulated the graduates, noting that such beautiful events are inspiring for both graduates and freshmen. The Deputy Minister expressed confidence that the graduates will contribute to the development of our country's economy, will ensure the progress of our State with their educational, scientific and innovative successes.

"Dear graduates, I hope you will contribute to the educational, scientific, innovative progress of our country, being useful to both you and the State"; Karen Trchunyan stated and wished good luck.

"Today is a solemn day, we are all excited, as we hand out life vouchers to many members of ASUE big family. Let's not forget those, who should graduate with you today․ Eternal glory to our heroes who fell in the war"; the Rector began her speech, and called those present to observe a minute of silence to commemorate the memory of the victims.

Continuing her speech, Diana Galoyan valued knowledge and education, urging to never stop learning and developing, to be disciplined and responsible.

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