Koryun Atoyan – 65 Years Old: Congratulations on the Birthday of the Honorable Leader

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Referring to the devotees of the Armenian State University of Economics, valuing their merits, expressing gratitude are long-adopted approach.

Today, one of the Leaders of our University /2011-2018/, ASUE Rector, Doctor of Sciences, Professor Koryun Atoyan's 65th birthday is being celebrated.

Koryun Atoyan's noble human qualities - directness, kindness, desire to help people - made him close and dear to many, left a good memory in our hearts and was an example for everyone.

During his leadership, which brought a fresh breath of reform to the University, Koryun Atoyan worked diligently and with great effort to create a new image of our University, to set a higher benchmark. Today his managerial handwriting is recognizable everywhere, from innovations in the restart of the educational process to efficient infrastructure, well-maintained yard and buildings.

The achievements of our University under Koryun Atoyan’s leadership, his personal, work and public achievements can be enumerated for a long time, but we harry up to express gratitude and congratulate, we want to assure that the creative initiatives of a great manager have really left an indelible mark on the history and image of our University.

ASUE Rectorate, on behalf of the academic staff of the University, warmly congratulates the esteemed Koryun Atoyan, wishing him health, energy, family peace and happiness, realization of new goals.

ASUE Rectorate Board