Master Class on Peculiarities of Making Facebook Videos

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Today, extracurricular lecture was conducted for the students of the Department of Marketing and Business Organization, during which detail information about digital marketing, specifically about the peculiarities of making Facebook videos was submitted. Vadim Grigoryan, acting Chair of Marketing invited Tigran Mkrtchyan, marketing specialist of Ucom, ASUE alumni to hold a master class for ASUE students.

Vadim Grigoryan stated that the students are interested in digital marketing and considering the fact that there isn’t subject matter specialist at the Chair extracurricular lectures are being conducted. “We invite our University alumni from the practical sector because they can better understand what additional information and practical knowledge the student needs”.

First Tigran Mkrtchyan stressed that the Facebook videos are actual and unlike YouTube, it provides considerable views and it is important for marketing specialists to master their skills. Then, the expert noted what kind of videos are impressive, what methods and tools are advised to apply for providing wide range of engagements.

The meeting was conducted in an active question-and-answer atmosphere.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division